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Consultation services starting at $100/hour. Retainer options are also available.



Leadership Development

Objective: Participants learn to lead across the organization, how to work collaboratively, problem-solving techniques, stress management and successful team building. Who Should Attend: New to mid-level leaders who lead other managers, groups, and departments throughout the organization. Method: Classroom Length: 1 Full Day  Cost: $10,000 per 25 employees

Employee engagement

Objective: Participants learn tools proven to help increase employee engagement. This course focuses on leadership, change management, performance management, and employee recognition, and how they all can be used to influence positive engagement. Method: Classroom Length: 1 Full Day.  Costs: Basic-$10,000 per 25 employees Premium-$15,000 per 25 trainees plus pre-course assessment tools Premium Plus: $25,000 per 25 employees, 3-day session to include all employees, and pre and post-course assessment tools.

performance management

Objective: To offer every organization consultation and solutions that meet their needs. Our consultants can help you improve a plan, develop a plan, and alter a plan to include valuable topics such as providing effective feedback, writing standards that are measurable and produce results. Contact us for pricing details.

Customer SErvice 

Objective: To offer training consultation and solutions that enhance the soft skills that will turn your organization into a first class service provider. Contact us for pricing details.

HR Compliance 

Objective: To offer training programs and consultation to aid in the Human Resources environment. Topics include;Workplace Safety, FMLA, FSLA, ADA, EEO, Recruiting, Onboarding, Diversity, Sexual Harassment Diversity, Harassment, Work Place Safety, I-9 Compliance, and more. Contact us for pricing details.

* These services are not legal advice.

evaluation and assessment tools

Objective: To help your organization measure the effectiveness of programs and strategies. Most popular ways include survey creation and key performance indicators (KPIs) development assistance. Contact us for pricing details.

Publishing Services

Objective: We publish books and materials for corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and professionals who wish to build brand awareness, attract media attention, and stand out from the rest. We can help with with orientation materials, employee handbooks, policy manuals, operations manuals, workbooks, state and federal law handbooks and resources, compliance posters, and more. 

Manuscript Development: We help you create your story and develop goals from start to finish.

Ghostwriting: Do you have writer's block? We can help you with all  parts of your project.

Editing: We help you dot every I and cross every T.

Contact us for pricing details and customization options.